Streets and Fashions changes all the time throughout the years, in different cities around the world. On the streets, clothing, graffiti, murals and artwork take a part of public view, as a means of personal expressions. I want my viewers to know urban and/or street style tends. These trends tend to be a mix of casual and hip hop, and usually portrays what is happening in the world at any given time. This style is more often worn among younger generations, however, there are always exceptions. It’s also about sub-culture rather than major trends. Sports and music movements such as skateboarding, hip hop, rap and many more are where the roots of urban style stem from. Big-name designer brands are consistently inspired by an urban or street style and sometimes in cooperate them into their line of clothing. I want the viewers to see the excitement of being a part of the culture that derived from the streets and fashion that haves merged into its own lifestyle in today’s world. Each photograph has their own style. Even editing the images, I gave it an extra tad of street vibes to them by adding a grungy look to each. I also want my viewers to see each image as it own unique way of fashion throughout the streets of North Carolina.

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